Am I back to blogging?


Last post I wrote was 6 years ago. I remember stopping after moving from pure IT development to business seasoned IT consultancy.

Recently I wanted to share ideas and discuss my views on a platform but wasn’t sure whether the time will fit or will I post for few weeks and then drop the habit.

Also I’m reinventing parts of my self and learning new skills. Communication is a core skill I’m working on at the moment, starting with my verbal and written communication, hence I’m taking this blog as an opportunity and personal challenge to practice.

Perfection is the enemy! (?)

I have been hesitant to try new things, and even dropping things that I’m not the best at. Someone might think that’s for the best, as you focus on your strengths. But what about your weaknesses?

In my case this proven to be very hurtful as highlighted in these examples:

  • On the professional level, due to losing and eventually lacking good communication experience I couldn’t defend my ideas or reach my points easily.
  • On the personal level, due to being busy all the time and focusing on finding problems to build solutions for (day and night), I lost my self awareness and most of my emotional intelligence.

Blogging as a learning experience of lean communication

Here I am saying it out loud. This blog is my personal attempt to learn and experience new skills without being embarrassed. My goal is to enhance my written communication skills and introduce my ability to execute a project (this blog) in a lean fashion by doing just what’s really needed without any waste.

As my beloved reader, I am thirsty for your feedback. Your feedback will help me to self discover, enhance and keep going with future posts.

Thanks for your time reading this. Enjoy your weekend!


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